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Our Agency was invited to work with Kate Sommerville, Dr. Murad, Dove, Axe and a variety of other start-up projects under the umbrella of Unilever.

 We successfully drove innovation and leadership of a plan of disruptive initiatives across all consumer good categories, (durable goods, nondurable goods, and services), with a focus on premium beauty brands.

Co-created and designed consumer products, marketing campaigns, strategies and experiences that included VR, AR, AI technology and connected environments, helping brands to provide a seamless journey from digital to physical through connected retail experiences, from luxury spa experiences to accessible product lines, product development and scalability.

Besides our Strategy and Innovation consultancy, Tiago Valente was also invited as an Artist in Residence at the company's Innovation Lab, sharing his creative process in real time for the course of a year.


Prototypes below show studies of different modeling processes using 4D Virtual Reality and discarded objects, in partnership with Google Tilt Brush, converted into analog systems to create life size sculptures and installations displayed at the office in New York.

* Photography on human model by Gerardo Vizmanos 

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