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Tiago Valente x Vice Magazine

Fashion / Wearable Sculpture / Social / Innovation 

In 2013, I was struck with a bout of Facial Dystonia, a condition that causes the muscles in the face to spasm painfully and involuntarily pull into uncomfortable and jarring positions.

Immediately after being diagnosed, I just sat in front of the mirror in my studio and analyzed my own tremors in great detail, then extrapolated them mathematically into models that were later built into complex headpieces made of wood, sequins, beads, mirror, and other materials.

Vice Magazine reached out to me for a feature on my creative process at that time and when I explained what I was going through, they decided to follow my journey.

You can read the full article here

The project is named, simply, Dystonia. This was the key for me to understand the physical manifestation of those spasms: To understand them as explosions and attempt to freeze them in the space.

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