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The Future of Experience: Version 2021.0

Webinar - January 28th, 2021

Remember that one time when January used to be a synonym of optimism? The simple sound of “New Beginnings” would promptly activate your neurotransmitters and a torrent of adrenaline would immediately activate tickles and butterflies in your stomach.


2020 defied all possible expectations created by those January magical sounds. The world was turned - literally - upside down. As a matter of fact, we are still living through the upside down dimension. Stranger...Things…Right?

There’s hope. Yes. but the reality is that the roller coaster keeps raging through crazy unexpected loops. And truthfully, we really don’t know how long this journey will take. So let’s make the most of this ride, accepting its thrill and being prepared for any possible twists and turns along the way. 

2021 is the year of Agility. But also an opportunity to ground ourselves in realistic scenarios. Let’s be honest, long gone are the days of frantic, semi hypnotic, immersions into Hyper Consumerism. Brands are scrambling to find the next “IT” thing to capitalize on. But people - and with that I mean real and authentic people, not instagrammable versions of humankind- are waking up to the sweet sound of the chants that claim social justice, equity, inclusion and diversity. The raise of conscious consumerism has just begun, my friends.

I do sing well - or at least so I’ve been told - and for that reason I’ve been lending my voice to those chants. I chant through my practice, helping brands and individuals to fine tune their unique voice and articulate it through creative manners. That’s why I love what I do. On this particular note, I created a new song. It’s an introductory course / Webinar to support you in understanding the future of the experiences that will define this new wave of conscious consumerism.

I will help and guide you through the rocky path that last year has left behind. We will discover hidden meanings in scientific data to unveil secret trails to understand some of the major social and behavioral trends that will shape the future months. You will identify compelling opportunities for innovation with a purpose that can be tailored to and implemented in your own business, field or practice.

This introductory course is designed to provide insights from and to a wide range of industries (Innovation, Retail, Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle, Publishing, Interior Design, Advertising, Education, Experiential…). 

Creatives and Creators, Executives, Designers, Entrepreneurs, Innovators Strategists, Brand Experience Specialists and any passionate souls itching for a positive change through their practice are all welcome and encouraged to attend. Creativity and innovation speak for themselves a universal language. 

Let’s start this exciting conversation ! 

With much gratitude and even more optimism,

Tiago Valente

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